Welcome to your scheduler!

Would you like some hints as you start using this application?

OK, start by clicking here to add a worker
When you're ready click here to open the jobs list and click "+" to add a job

Opens the Job Pool flyout to review the list of unscheduled jobs and create a job by selecting ‘ + ’

Add a new worker here and fill out their details

Worker Menu - the icons show how many jobs a worker has. Select an icon to view their schedule

Select to make menu wider/narrower (useful to see long names)

Base Bar Menu - contains buttons for settings, load, save and print

Schedule Button - where the magic happens! Select to auto distribute jobs from the job pool to your workers

OK Got it!

Here you’ll find the controls for setting the parameters for scheduling your jobs. You can change whether you schedule to road routes or shortest distance, round start times or include travel from home to the first appointment.